Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Strathmillan Stars are Shining

After word got out about our song project at Brooklands School, a number of other schools in our division contacted me to help them develop similar song projects to highlight their unique communities and values. Strathmillan School is an elementary school in our division and they wanted an uplifting theme song for their school, which would serve to motivate and celebrate their students, staff and community. I met with the principal and a focus group of students, and they provided a number of different ideas, programs and values that they wanted incorporated into the composition. I used these ideas as lyrical content for the song and wrote the melodies and music, involving the student choir and student soloist in the recording. When the song was presented, it was met with an overwhelming response from students, staff and the community. Since its debut, a school dance has been choreographed to accompany the song and it is consistently used at community events and musical moments with a sense of pride and purpose.

“We are Strathmillan School.
We come prepared, we make it cool
To try our best and make good friends…
Strathmillan Stars are shining!”

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