Sunday, November 6, 2011

It Starts With Me

I was invited to contribute a new original song based on Digital Citizenship to help launch Media Literacy Week in Manitoba. During our planning sessions, a number of different ideas including the use of digital media, social justice and student voice began to emerge. I began to compose the song and enlisted the music teacher at Stevenson-Britannia School along with a selection of Grade 4/5 students to contribute their voices and ideas to our song. The planning committee decided on - Digital We - as the title and focus of their launch and we added the tagline - It Starts With Me. I recorded the voices and instruments, and had the song produced, mixed and mastered in a studio. My colleague and friend, Andy McKiel, then produced a video to accompany our project. A selection of students presented the song to help launch Media Literacy Week in Manitoba, and they were excited to explain their own personal responsibility and perspective on Digital Media, Social Justice and Student Voice.

Digital We - It Starts With Me!

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